FAQ in information page

It is possible to  display faqs in any information page. It is also possible to show FAQs from a specific category instead of showing all Faqs.

Is my order secured?

Yes! we use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to protect your personal information, certified by Verisign®, a leading Internet security company.

How do I can my order?

We process orders soon after they're received, so if you placed an order in error please call our Customer Care team at (xxx) xxx-9138.

What X-Faq?

X-Faq is an opencart module for making your frequently asked questions Or questions-answers section for your shop. It supports unlimited categories, questions and answers.

What payment methods are available to pay with?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, New Balance eGifts & Gift Cards, checks and money orders at newbalance.com.

Can Visa Checkout keep me signed in or remember my password?

To make using Visa Checkout even faster and easier, you can stay signed in and skip entering your password when checking out.

My account is locked. How can I unlock it?

To prevent unauthorized access to your account, we lock your account temporarily if you enter an incorrect username or password too many times. You can unlock your account by using the Forgot Password link, or you can contact us for assistance. You are not able to use your Visa Checkout account for purchases during the time the account is locked.

How is my Visa Checkout account information protected?

Visa is experienced in handling sensitive information. We use advanced security technologies to protect the information you store in your Visa Checkout account, including industry standard encryption and multilayer authentication.

Does Visa checkout charge a fee?

Enrolment to Visa Checkout is free of charge. However during addition of a card, Visa Checkout will perform a pre-authorisation transaction (Visa Card USD0.00, Mastercard USD1.00, American Express USD1.00). However it will not be charged to your account

How to integrate xfaq?

It will provide a listing page thats shows all questions and answers. Questions and answers can be shown an accordion Or plan. Also it support a widget view will be appeared all times in the right or left of the site.

Where can I buy X-FAQ module?

It is available on opencart marketplace. Please go to opencart.com market